Our clients are partners and collaborators.

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What our clients are saying

  • “What I appreciate most about Vivian is her calm and welcoming personality which encourages participation, and at the same time her quick sense and ability to capture, then highlight, key insights.”

    – Associate Director Urology Marketing, Astellas

  • “...A surgeon-like precision in how she listens, combined with incredibly attuned emotional intelligence, allows respondents to feel heard and enables her to get to deep insights quickly. She’s also just a dream to work with—no nonsense, thorough, and extremely personable.”

    – Strategic Planner, FCB Health

  • “...Managing a room, and a discussion guide, matter; paramount, though, is the ability to discern fact from fiction, talk from truth, substance from trifle. Few rise to the occasion like Vivian. Even fewer are as adept at communicating observations and conclusions.”

    – Vice President, Consumer Strategies and Content Marketing, PBS

  • “I’ve been working with VMHQ and Vivian for about six years on pharmaceutical launch products. I have been so impressed with her service that I have brought her with me as I’ve transitioned into a new role at a different company...”

    – Global Product Portfolio Strategy, AstraZeneca