We offer a full suite of qualitative methods.

For each study, we identify the method that speaks to both our client’s business question and the needs of the participants.

  • In-Person

    In person new

    In-person methods allow for the most direct access to the respondent's point of view, thoughts, and feelings – through the ability to listen closely, watch interactions, and observe non-verbal cues in real time and with no interference from technology. Participants gain from engaging directly with others who have similar interests, needs, or challenges.  We believe in in-person methods: Focus groups and interviews are the cornerstone of our work.

  • Telephone

    Telephone new

    Telephone interviews remain a useful qualitative method, especially for a quick study that requires depth or for participants with busy schedules. There’s almost nothing simpler than a well-managed telephone conversation, and we can easily add a Web component to show stimuli during the call.

  • Digital

    Digital new

    Digital methods allow for powerful research in surprising situations. Online groups, boards, and digital diaries offer opportunities to capture in-depth multimedia feedback from respondents who are geographically far-flung. Mobile methods invite participants to share feelings and provide in-the-moment commentary while making a purchase decision, participating at an event, or browsing while shopping. With digital qual, the options and applications are virtually endless.