Vivian harris is an expert qualitative researcher offering
humanistic moderating, custom study design, and insight-based analysis.


Offering a full range of qualitative research methods, including in-person interviews and focus groups, online communities, ethnographic interviewing, and telephone interviews.


As a client, you can expect meticulous attention to your needs, flexibility in approach, and a thorough analysis of results-- every time.

Quarterly Dispatches

A quarterly newsletter with new and valuable insights about qualitative research inspired by Vivian's work in the field.








Meet Vivian

A curious, empathetic qualitative researcher with more than 30 years of experience listening and learning.






VMHQ (Vivian M Harris Qualitative Research) is a relationship-driven full-service qualitative research firm offering uniquely humanistic moderating, custom study design, and insight-based analysis.

"...Vivian's secret sauce? A surgeon-like precision in how she listens, combined with incredibly attuned emotional intelligence, allows respondents to feel heard and enables her to get to deep insights quickly. She’s also just a dream to work with—no nonsense, thorough, and extremely personable."

- Strategic Planner, FCB Health ​

a word from our clients and collaborators

“What I appreciate most about Vivian is her calm and welcoming personality which encourages participation, and at the same time her quick sense and ability to capture, then highlight, key insights.”

- Associate Director Urology marketing, astellas

“...Managing a room, and a discussion guide, matter; paramount, though, is the ability to discern fact from fiction, talk from truth, substance from trifle. Few rise to the occasion like Vivian. Even fewer are as adept at communicating observations and conclusions.”

- Vice president, consumer strategies and content marketing, pbs

“Vivian is one of the best all-around and collaborative market researchers that I’ve had the opportunity to work with in my career. She was extraordinary - from project design to discussion guide development to screening criteria creation to interview facilitation to report writing to final report presentation...I cannot wait for the opportunity to be able to work with her again.”

- global new business development leader, dupont

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